Bath’s Big Walk or Cycle to Work, Thursday 17 June

14 May 2021

Mark your diaries for Thursday 17 June to take part in Bath’s Big Walk or Cycle to Work event in support of national Clean Air Day.

Many of us have spent lockdown working from home, using our normal commuting time to keep mentally and physically fit by walking, running or cycling in our local area. As we return to work in the city, Bath’s Big Walk or Cycle to Work event encourages us to keep active during commuting time, for the sake of our health and our natural environment.

We know that air pollution is a big problem in Bath, but we can all help by taking fewer trips into the city by car. Toxic fumes from vehicles can cause heart and lung disease, trigger asthma attack, and affect healthy lung development in children. The latest reports even show that reducing air pollution could improve children’s learning.

To kick-start a change to your commuting habits and do your bit to help protect children from air pollution, simply pledge to take part in Bath’s Big Walk or Cycle to Work. You can do this individually, or as an organisation, business or group.  It’s easy to take part:

  1. Download pledge cards using this link or from
  2. Take a photo of your pledge to take part in Bath’s Big Walk or Cycle to Work
  3. Share your pledge on social media in the run up to 17 June, using hashtags #CleanAirDay and #BathActiveTravel  
  4. On 17 June, remember to walk or cycle to work and share your stories on social
  5. If you can’t walk or cycle, take the bus or train instead of your car.

For more information on what your organisation can do to support clean air and protect children’s health, go to