Becoming an Age Friendly Employer Workshop

13 Jun 2022

In this online workshop in partnership with Age UK Bristol, employers can learn more about becoming an Age Friendly Employer.

About this event

Older people are an increasingly important part of the UK Workforce with a third of all workers now aged 50 and over. Supporting healthier, more fulfilling and longer-term employment is a win-win; enabling workers to stay in employment as long as they want whilst employers benefiting from older workers skills and experience, reducing staff turnover and increasing productivity.

This workshop will cover the key steps employers can take to improve their employment offer for older people including:

  • Removing age bias from job adverts.
  • Supporting career development at all ages, and encouraging an age-positive culture in the context of the Good Employment Charter’s seven characteristics.
  • Learn about the top 10 benefits of older workers.
  • Hear from an older worker about the good practices and barriers they’ve experienced when in and seeking work.
  • Consider what you can do to make your organisation age-friendly.

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