Biomedical Funding from Innovate UK

19 Aug 2016

The need for efficient and effective healthcare is growing along with our ageing population, so Innovate UK are offering a kick-start to the tune of up to 70% project funding! 

"The aim of this competition is to test a well-developed concept and show its effectiveness in a relevant environment."

Who can apply?

They're looking for technologies and processes that will help to prevent disease, manage chronic conditions, tailor treatments and better detect/diagnose diseases. Projects from all sectors and disciplines will be considered.

Previous winners include the University of Bath, with a prototype infection-detecting wound dressing; Cytosystems Limited, with research into bladder-cancer detection without invasive procedures; and Kings College London, who are working ond eveloping personalised treatments (and hopefully a cure) for Chron's disease patients.

The scope for considered projects is large- only projects that involve human trials, are too early stage, or aren't innovative enough (i.e. the project is too simliar to something already on the market) won't be funded.

Where do I apply?

Check out the competition brief to double check if you're eligible. Then just scroll down to register and apply.

Make sure to register by the 7th of September, and to apply by the 14th of September.