Cleveland Bridge set for weight restriction and repairs in 2020

25 Nov 2019

Cleveland Bridge, which carries the A36 through Bath, is in need of extensive refurbishment. Surveys have identified that structural components of the bridge are life expired and in need of maintenance, repair or replacement. Due to the extensive nature of the refurbishment and the cost of these works, the council is seeking to secure financial assistance from the Government through the Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund.

As a precautionary measure until the works can be carried out, the council will be introducing an 18 tonne weight restriction on the bridge. Vehicles over this weight currently passing through Bath on the A36 will be diverted on alternative routes, which the council’s traffic management team is developing with the neighbouring authorities and Highways England. It is intended to bring the weight restriction into effect in the New Year, once the diversion route is ready to implement. The repairs are still in the planning stages, but once funding is in place it is anticipated that they will be carried out during summer 2020, under a full road closure.

Further Information

More information on the planned weight restriction and repairs, including frequently asked questions, can be found on the following council web page