Creative Bath Hosts Real SFX

30 Nov 2016

This Wednesday 7th December, Creative Bath will be hosting an exclusive peek into the world of Real SFX, the special effects company behind many of our best loved soaps and dramas, such as Dr Who, Sherlock, Coronation Street and Torchwood, as well as American shows such as Da Vinci's Demons and Outlander.

Real SFX

Danny Hargreaves, the company's founder and supervisor, will be leading the event and giving the audience a fascinating insight into Real SFX. The company offers many different kinds of effects, including pyrotechnics, atmospherics and even a Gimbal rig- a hydraulic motion platform that can move objects of up to 20 tonnes to a maximum pitch of 15 degrees. The rig is used for scenes with anything from rocking boats to flying space-ships, and even Santa's Sleigh in the Dr Who 2014 Christmas Special!


Whether you're interested in working for Real SFX, using their services or you're simply fascinated by the world of special effects, make sure to book your tickets before they sell out!

Tickets are £10 + £3 fee and VAT. The event will be held at Komedia in Bath.