Free Carbon Surveys for local businesses

27 Jul 2021

The West of England Combined Authority is offering free carbon surveys to SMEs in the region.

A Carbon Survey can support small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to understand their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. The resulting Decarbonisation Report sets out potential improvements that could help reduce emissions and energy bills.

A Carbon Survey can help businesses to:

  • understand their current energy use and carbon emissions, and pinpoint carbon hotspots in business activities
  • identify practical ways to reduce emissions and energy bills, including actions that could require low or no investment to implement
  • discover and find out more about new and emerging technologies in their industry
  • set priorities and budgets for future improvements
  • access sources of funding, including Green Business Grants.

Businesses applying for a Carbon Survey will be asked to provide 12 months’ energy data such as bills or meter readings. During the survey, the Technical Advisor will assess building fabric, heating and lighting systems and business equipment.  Surveys can be carried out on-site or virtually depending on business preferences or local restrictions. 

To apply for a survey, and for more information businesses, click here.