Marcom helping brands emerge stronger

15 Apr 2020

Marcom, a leading Bath marketing communications agency, is celebrating 30 years in business by running a series of free webinars on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Marcom are specialists in digital marketing. SEO is one of the key tactics, and as this year sees their 30th birthday they have decided to share some of their specialist skills and experience for free, as a way of helping organisations during this awful period.

Mark Baines, Founder and Managing Director, says ‘we want to help Bath brands weather the lockdown and recession, so they emerge with greater equity and higher up on Google’s results pages. That way they will be in a stronger position to trade more successfully after this very difficult period.’

Marcom is running a series of free webinars on the different aspects of SEO at 15.00 every Thursday.

  1. The first, ‘Winning at Marketing in the Corona Crisis’ on April 2nd, was a general introduction to the principles and benefits of SEO.
  2. The second, ‘SEO and brand approval’, on Thursday 9th April, covered backlinks.
  3. On Thursday 16th at 15.00 the free webinar will be on ‘Keyword Strategies’.
  4. Further free webinars will follow, taking listeners on a journey so they will be able to emerge from the Crisis and Recession with higher positions on Google and greater brand equity.

Marcom is well known in the City of Bath for creative and digital skills, and has long been recognised on the local and national stage – especially in digital marketing.

Founded by Mark Baines in 1990, Marcom have always been at the forefront of technologies and trends. SEO is not new, but the strategies required to be successful change every time Google updates their algorithms. Mark has ensured Marcom are always ahead of the curve. ‘Our teams include specialists at the cutting edge of technological development and marketing. Now it’s vital to be at the top of Google’s search pages, so we help brands achieve that success.’

Listen to the free webinars here and the most recent webinar here

Visit Marcom here or contact Mark Baines at, or call 07860 799426.