One Shared Vision for Bath with North East Somerset

10 Aug 2021


Local leaders have welcomed the publication of a report which sets out a new long-term vision for the area it calls Bath with North East Somerset.

The report is the result of a wide-ranging engagement exercise which involved more than a hundred local stakeholders in shaping the renewal and recovery of the local economy and communities in response to the Covid 19 crisis.

One Shared Vision sets out a new framework for fairer, greener, more creative and more connected communities. It proposes a new vision for a stronger, low carbon, more inclusive and diverse local economy as we recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

The report highlights that Bath, Radstock, Midsomer Norton, Keynsham, Paulton, Peasedown, Chew Magna and many other villages and rural areas form a partnership of communities which it terms Bath with North East Somerset.

It also suggests new thinking and new ways of working to help the area thrive, prosper and tackle inequalities- all within the limits of the planet and the region’s natural resources.

City Global Futures, working on behalf of local leaders, carried out surveys, one-to-one zoom interviews and a series of workshops with residents and  stakeholders from a wide range of sectors. Their views, ideas and ambitions shaped the new vision.

Alongside this work, the council ran an online “community dialogue” on the emerging themes of the vision from the stakeholder interviews and workshops, allowing over 70 residents to comment and contribute their own ideas, which were taken into account in the development of One Shared Vision.

Local leaders have pledged to work collaboratively to deliver One Shared Vision.

The commitment in the vision to addressing inequalities has received a positive response from a wide range of local organisations.

Economic Recovery and Renewal Board members will be working together over the coming months to further progress One Shared Vision, including wider engagement with local communities, particularly with the voluntary and community sector and with young people.

Download the full vision by clicking here.