Opportunities to work with Bath Spa

16 Nov 2018

Bath Spa currently have a range of placement and opportunities available for local businesses to take advantage of. Placements and internships are valuable opportunities for both businesses and students to mutually benefit from a period of work experience involving a defined, short-term project for a set period of time.

Employers gain from a cost-effective, flexible solution to solve a specific resource issue, or undertake an additional project, and benefit from fresh ideas. It is a low-risk opportunity to ‘try out’ future graduate talent.

Curricular work placements

Examples of Curricular placements include:

  • Professional Placement Years, where students between their 2nd and 3rd year of study are available for 9 to 13 month placements
  • Open Modules, where 2nd year students on the module must undertake a minimum of 80 hours’ work experience

Extra-curricular work placements

‘Extra-curricular’ work placements are not integral to the student’s course. Placements will, however, need to be structured around the student’s timetable and should not exceed 15 hours per week during term time (students can work full-time during holidays).

The student will be supervised by a member of staff at the placement provider and will complete clearly defined tasks. For all extra-curricular placements, National Minimum Wage legislation applies unless the placement provider falls within the definition of a charity, voluntary organisation, associated fundraising body or statutory body.

All placements are advertised through Bath Spa’s online job portal. For details on how to upload a position, please contact placements@bathspa.ac.uk

Initiatives to support employers

In recognition of the benefit to undergraduates/graduates gaining meaningful work experience over the course of their degree, or between finishing their degree and starting a career, Bath Spa University has introduced some key initiatives to generate incremental placement and internship activity for current students and recent graduates.

Santander Universities SME Internship Programme:

Bath Spa University participates in the Santander Universities SME Internship Programme, which enables us to contribute up to £1,500 towards the cost of a paid internship of up to 10 weeks with a small or medium-sized business. The scheme runs from November to July and is open to undergraduates as well as graduates.

Summer Placement Scheme:

To generate valuable work experience opportunities for Bath Spa University students, we offer local and regional businesses £1,500 to contribute towards the cost of a 12- week work placement. Placements must take place during the summer vacation and are extra-curricular, making the scheme accessible to a large number of undergraduates from the diverse range of degree courses offered at Bath Spa University. Over 30% of our student population live locally, so the scheme also offers essential work experience for young people from our local community.

More Information

For more information regarding the schemes, please visit the Bath Spa placements web page, email placements@bathspa.ac.uk or call 01225 876025