Shut that door, and save energy

14 Feb 2020

Shops and businesses in Keynsham, Bath, Midsomer Norton and Radstock are being asked to shut that door as part of a new drive to save energy and help them cut fuel bills.

Bath and North East Somerset Council and Bath BID are supporting the campaign to get shops, restaurants and cafés, to keep their doors closed during the working day.

Councillor Sarah Warren, cabinet member for Climate Emergency, said: “We want to see our local shops, cafes and restaurants adopt this policy which will help them cut their energy bills, reduce carbon emissions and play a part towards addressing the climate emergency.

“I know some stores believe that an open door makes their business seem more welcoming but studies have shown that closing the door doesn’t have a detrimental effect on profits and many major retailers and coffee chains are now adopting a closed door policy.”

As well as lower fuel consumption a shut door can help provide healthier working conditions for staff and deter shoplifting.  


Pictured above: Bath & North East Somerset shops getting involved in the campaign

Eve Beddows, team leader at tea too, in New Bond Street, said: “All businesses across the country need to be on board with this initiative. We have our doors closed as much as possible especially when we have the heating on we close the door so  energy isn’t wasted.”  

Allison Herbert, CEO of Bath BID says the project makes sense: “It’s a great response to consumer demand for increased environmental responsibility as well as a win for businesses as it will reduce their costs.”

Shopper Abbi Cole of Fairfield Park added: “It’s not a big deal to have to open the door myself. I expect businesses to be more environmentally conscious these days. I am more likely to notice and think less of those that don’t make an effort.”

A team from the BID have been visit shops and cafés in Bath, Keynsham and Radstock to encourage them to shut the door. They will supply stickers for doors or windows, allowing customers to easily recognize and support participating retailers.

Any business that would like to take part and would like a window/door sticker should contact