Staying safe with COVID

5 Nov 2021

The number of COVID-19 cases in B&NES has risen rapidly in recent weeks.

In the week prior to 22nd October, there were 1,028 cases per 100,000 of the population. B&NES has had one of the highest COVID-19 rates in England, and this rise in cases has translated into an increase in COVID-19 hospitalisations. It is therefore essential that we do everything we can to minimise the spread of the virus.

We are especially appealing to businesses to be alert to the virus and to continue to implement key COVID-19 measures including:

  • Encouraging the use of face coverings among public and staff (particularly if staff are coming into contact with customers), including through clear signage and staff training. Please see the attached poster at the bottom of this page which we encourage you to use on your premises.
  • Having antibacterial hand sanitiser or gel (that contains at least 60% alcohol) available for customers to use when they enter and leave your business
  • Ventilating indoor spaces e.g. opening doors and windows
  • Discouraging people (staff and public) from congregating in one area e.g. having separate entrances and exits and using one-way systems where appropriate
  • Encouraging customers to ‘check in’ to your venue using an NHS Test and Trace QR code for your business. Visit to create a QR code.
  • Encouraging staff to access regular lateral flow testing. Visit the B&NES Council website for more information about how to access lateral flow tests.
  • If your business is planning to hold an event, please refer to the Council Events webpages where further resources to support events to take place in a COVID-19 secure way will be posted

By implementing these measures, you can help keep your business, staff and community safe. We recognise that the last 20 months has been an incredibly difficult time for businesses, and we are incredibly thankful for all your hard work.

For more information and support please visit 19-latest-information-and-advice/help-businesses