USA in a Day - Bristol

4 May 2022

Wednesday 11 May 2022

Starts at 9:00am

Ends at 4:30pm


The UK and USA have long enjoyed a close relationship. As Britain forges new links across the globe, the USA is rapidly becoming a key target for many UK businesses. But how do you go about building new trading relationships, winning contracts and prepping your business to enter the world’s largest economy? 

The DIT South West team has created a brand new programme to give you free practical support, advice and guidance to help you take advantage of the growing opportunities that lie over the Atlantic. Through a full day workshop, our team will offer practical advice and solutions to getting started and growing in the USA.

What will I learn?

Together we will discuss the ins and outs of doing business in the USA. You will gain a deep understanding of the culture of business and consumers, how to research your market, and what routes to use at different stages of your journey. You will also understand the role of eCommerce and eMarketplaces for both direct to consumer, and business to business sales.

Participating companies will be able to access resources to assist with the legal and technical side of exporting to the USA. 

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