Wave 3 Skills Bootcamps - Application Launch 20th July

14 Jul 2022

Following the launch on 25th April of Wave 3 Skills Bootcamps in Logistics and Construction and the second launch on 6th June in Green Skills, Technical and Digital Skills, on 20th July 2022 The West of England Combined Authority will make c.£1.8m available to employers and training providers to deliver specialist training within the following:

  • Future Green Tech
  • Retrofit Commercial and Residential
  • CAD in Construction
  • Modern Methods of Construction
  • Digital Workplace Skills
  • HGV Driver Training

The fund will support employers to deliver bespoke training initiatives that meet short to mid-term skills shortages. Initiatives are expected to deliver progressions into work, a new role, new responsibilities or new contracts.

In addition to skills training, we are looking for initiatives that deliver one or more social value activities including:

  • Social Value Theme 1: COVID-19 Recovery - Policy Outcome: Help local communities to manage and recover from the impact of COVID-19 
  • Social Value Theme 2: Tackling economic inequality – Policy Outcome: Create new businesses, new jobs and new skills 
  • Social Value Theme 3: Fighting climate change – Policy Outcome: Effective stewardship of the environment
  • Social Value Theme 4: Equal opportunity – Policy Outcome: Tackle workforce inequality  

There are different sized grants available and successful applicants will need to work with the Combined Authority closely to support in monitoring, reporting and evaluation of the programme.

How to apply

Applications for funding will open from 12 noon on Wednesday 20th July 2022 until 12 noon on Monday 15th August

When the funding round opens, application documents and specifications will be made available on our Skills Bootcamp webpage. Please visit: www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/what-we-do/employment-skills/wave-3-skills-bootcamps/

Launch Events

A launch event will be held on Wednesday 20th July at 12pm.  This event aims to support potential applicants and wider stakeholders who may wish to be involved in partnerships to understand more about what the West of England Combined Authority is looking to achieve through the fund and details about what we are looking for in applications and the application process. The event will be recorded and made available on the Combined Authority’s Skills Bootcamp webpage for anyone who finds they cannot make the session.

To register for the event please visit: www.westofengland-ca.gov.uk/what-we-do/employment-skills/wave-3-skills-bootcamps/