Workforce for the Future

30 May 2022

Workforce for the Future provides free tailored, in-depth support to help you ensure your employees have the access to the  skills, training and support that your business needs to thrive. You’ll receive free support from our expert partners to ensure your business can identify ongoing skills needs, attract and retain talented people, access the right training and development and invest in your current and future workforce.

What can Workforce for the Future offer my business?

Workforce for the Future can give you access to an experienced Skills Adviser who will help you develop your workforce. Together, you can create an actionable Workforce Development Plan to put into place, and we'll support you to implement it with access to a suite of online tools, resources and workshops, as well as funding for skills and training programmes.

We can help you unlock new opportunities by supporting you to bring apprenticeships or work placements, and helping you to attract, retain and develop talented employees. We can also help you create strong links with regional schools, colleges and higher education to attract future employees and shape the workforce of tomorrow.


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